Welcome........The purpose of the Ohio Bailiffs and Court Officers Association is to promote the general welfare of its Members by providing training and education in the areas of court/judicial/law enforcement activities through courtroom supervision, services, transportation and other training programs and conferences.All court officers and bailiffs in Ohio courts are encouraged to join the Ohio Bailiffs and Court Officers Association. Email us at obacoa@ohiobailiffs.com and someone will contact you.


The Association is dedicated to "Maximizing Excellence" for court officers and provides the following opportunities for each member to participate in this endeavor:

  • Network with other court officers from across the state;
  • Serve in leadership roles within the Association as an officer, director, or committee chairperson
  • Serve on state and local committees and have positive impact on issues which relate to you as a court officer;
  • Receive statewide and local recognition for exemplary performance; and,
  • Attend quality training programs.



Please Join The Cleveland Police Patrolmans Association

In Cleveland, Ohio during National Police Week

For the 2014 Street Survival Seminar.............

Date: May 14th &15th,2014

Time: 8am to 5pm

Place: Double Tree Hotel, 1111 Lakeside Ave, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

To register or for more information, please call or email names and ranks to Steve Hirst 1847-833-5163 or streetsurvival2013@gmail.com 

The goal and purpose of the Calibre Press Street Survival Seminar is twofold: Keep officers alive and give them tools to enjoy a sucessful career in law enforcement. In order to accomplish this mission we need to tackle the realities and complexities of policing today for officers on the street. We are commited to presenting up to date information, issues and videos while placing the responsibility for winning right where it belongs - with the individual officer.

~~The Street Survival Seminar will continue presenting classic training points such as the 5%er Mindset and When/Then Thinking while addressing aspects of the profession that are often overlooked. The Seminar topics will include, but not be limited to, the following:

The Fatal Four ( the most common ways officers loss their lives)

  • Felonious assaults
  • Deaths in and around vehicles
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Emotional Health (Suicides)
Understanding Stress and Survival Instincts
  • Evaluation /Processing Stage
  • Fight and Flight
  • Maladaptive behaviors: Hyper-fight/Freezing
  • Roadway Risks and Responsibilities
  • Advanced Criminal Patrol Tactics
  • Pre-Attack indicators
  • Street Interviews and Reading Deception
  • The Proverbial Box: expecting the unexpected
  • The 24/7 reality of living life as a police officer

Hotel Information

Doubletree Cleveland Downtown - Lakeside

1111Lakeside Avenue. E

Cleveland, Ohio 44114


Rate: $115 per night

Rate Expires: April 14,2014

Code: LifeLine Training

Register Online @ www.calibrepress.com

Course Fee: $199 per person

Groups of 3-9 $179 per person ( discount code AAA20)

Groups of 10 or more $169.00 per person ( discount code AAA30)

Contact Us

Ohio Bailiffs and Court Officers Association
3244 Berea Rd.
Cleveland, Ohio 44111

 Special Thanks\Career Opportunities

The Association would like to thank The Supreme Court of Ohio for their continued help and support !!!!!

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